When I wanted to be a rectangle ...
The story begins when Solart in 2002, two squares
think that the best way to grow personally and professionally is set goals in life. In our case we wanted to be rectangles.
Over the years we have learned to overcome and face obstacles that impede wanted us to be rectangles.
We did not want to be some empty rectangles, so we decided to fill these ideas and enthusiasm.
The result: two rectangles together but with different views, so you can make the best decisions.
Today we consider rectangles, although unlike geometric squares or rectangles we are not perfect,
but every day we work to be a better rectangle.
Thanks to our customers we have learned that the best quality and best price themselves are compatible, simplicity and beauty can go together,
that good care and efficiency are the pillars of our rectangles.
It may one day be circles or diamonds, who knows, what if we have clear is that we are proud to be rectangles.

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