Pleated shade

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Pleated shade

Pleated shades also known as plissé are an attractive and versatile alternative to a venetian blind, scrollable or Mini-Fast. They are very narrow curtains that barely take up space when they are at the top of the window when they are not in use. Pleated curtains take up less space compared to other types of curtains, while giving the room an intelligent and harmonious shading effect.

We have two kinds of pleated curtains, some that have smooth fabrics and those that have a silver coating on the outside of the fabric that prevents the sun from entering our room, thus avoiding the burning of the floor or furniture. This last fabric will also save in our bill of the light as our home will lower temperatures a few degrees and the air conditioning will not need to work as much.

Our pleated curtains have a wide range of subtle and vibrant shades.

The materials we use at Solart to manufacture our curtains are always top quality and an excellent choice for any home. Take a look at our selection of colors to find one that suits your tastes and needs.

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