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Mini-Fast curtains are designed to be installed in swinging windows, practicable or rocking windows. Thanks to its mini aluminum drawer system and self-adhesive guides, Mini-Fast curtains perfectly fit the window in a discreet and practical way. When installed in the same window, it can be opened with the curtain in any of its positions. A very practical system for windows, since we can ventilate the room with the curtain lowered and thus maintain the privacy or protect us from the rays of the sun.

The operation of this type of curtains will be through a chain of reduced dimensions. When you pick up the curtain it is completely hidden inside your aluminum drawer. If you install a Mini-Fast in a window of the same color as the drawer and guides of the Mini-Fast, the system will go unnoticed.

We have a wide range of fabrics that we can install in our blinds, among which transparent, translucent and opaque. With the opaque fabrics we give almost total darkness to our rooms.

The star fabric for these blinds is the Screen, as it does not deprive us of our vision and protects us from the sun's rays.

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