Magic Light

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Magic Light

The Magic Light curtains also conocidas as Night and Day or Mil Rayas is an adaptation of the traditional curtain elegant enrollable. The Magic of Light incorporates an innovative bone striped transparent and translucent double layer that provides the User control light and privacy than a lot mayor estor enrollable standard.

Easy to use by one side chain, the stripes horizontales tejidas deslizan each other is the position abierta between "translucent-transparent" and the position cerrada translucent. La misma chain sube y baja curtain to whatever the height of the window in AMBAS positions.

The Magic Light provides the required balance control light and privacy. The fresh contemporary style and the quality is perfectly ajustan through its soportes unidos an aluminum profile ago and that the sea installation simple and quick. This system can be installed with or without cajón cajón of aluminum. These are available in white, silver or gray or steel.

Vuelven Las Rayas in fashion Light and Magic-system is ideal for dressing your home. We have a wide range of fabrics and colors to customize your stay.

Our materials that usamos in Solart para nuestras made curtains are always top quality.


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