Roman shade

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Roman shade

The folding curtains are the shutters par excellence.

Its straight and modern lines make it one of the most attractive curtains for our home. The intermediate rods of these blinds give an oriental touch making our environment much more warm and pleasant. The folding curtains also known as Roman are very easy to install thanks to their supports and to their aluminum rail with integrated mechanisms and drive to chain, which stays hidden behind the curtain fabric.

The composition of the fabrics is cotton and polyester and can be washed in the washing machine thanks to its easy disassembly.

We have a wide variety of smooth colors in our translucent fabrics giving us privacy and privacy but allowing light to enter our room.

Roman or folding curtains are characterized by their elegant symmetry and adapts to the most modern environments. They achieve a clean and uniform finish, with agile and simple drive systems.

The blinds are folded when the curtain rises, linearly between the rods, leaving as many folds as the curtain requires according to the height of the latter. The folds will be between 20 centimeters to 30 centimeters depending on the height.

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